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With French Stewart, Eric Avari, Barbara Babcock, Jason Behe. But this is so, to broaden horizons and expand the network.
"And they pay him a lot?"
Tracy shook her head.
This is where I can't tell you for some reason.
- Completely shameless bastard. What else can you say.
What I don't understand is how he could get away with it so easily? Has no one been able to stop him?
- I won't put my mind to it. However, there is one thing you should know. People who know that all this has become known will receive a signal to stop working.
This information is very important, but, as you can see, we have to give it up.
Are you still joining us?
Trabshaw took a sip of water.
Until a few minutes ago, Tracy had been sure her barge was about to leave. But now she knew that she would not leave this barrack anytime soon.
What about Matt Trubshaw?Could she never see this man again?
Of course, maybe he could figure out a way to get her out. Even in a few months he will not be in this barracks.
But even if he finds a way to save her, he still has to warn her about the guy who is looking for her and may have already found her.
Why is he silent?
What if he doesn't save her?
What if he gets caught?
She really hoped he wouldn't get caught. She would very much like him not to die, but she understood that her acquaintance with Matt had just begun, and it was not known what would happen when she got to know him better.
Chapter six
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* * *
Matt Trubridge was unusually unhappy, although he tried not to show it. He didn't like everything here. And in general, he had already told himself more than once that he ought to get out of here, but he could not.
Bush scanned the reports of the ten-man robberies and turned to Matt Trubridge.
I assumed they might be your people, Mr Trubriage. But to be honest, I doubted it. It seemed to me that we have other people who could speak in your place.
No, not mine, sir fe70933767